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From Charities to Couples, Corporations to Cruise Ships... Hear what people say about The Secret Spitfires...

The Secret Spitfires are a class act! They rocked all night without stopping for a breath, absolutely incredible! Even from the first song they played you could tell that the guys take pride in what they do and absolutely love it! It’s rare to find a group of young men so talented and so passionate about what they do and it really shone throughout the entire set, born entertainers. The setlist was perfect, I personally don’t think we could have picked it better ourselves if we sat down for a week! Booking The Secret Spitfires is hands down the best decision we made for our big day, if you’re looking for an awesome band, look no further. In fact I implore you to book them! - Penny Winstanley (Warwick)

I don’t think we could have found a better band for our wedding, everything about them oozed passion and professionalism. It was a breath of fresh air to deal with someone so professional and passionate about their craft, they always went the extra distance to ensure that me and the husband were completely happy. The talent and skill the boys hold is something to be envious of, I didn’t hear one missed beat or dropped note, everything was perfect and they were really going for it! Superb band and a lovely bunch of lads, we wish them the best of look with their future, they have a bright one! Tim Reeves (Lancaster)

There is no words that I can think of to fully describe how brilliant this band are. We had no recommendations or any idea of what was on the market when we came to booking a band. We shopped around for ages, and when we saw The Secret Spitfires we couldn’t resist booking. We saw a few videos and thought they were amazing, but didn’t understand how they could be so good and be charging the same rate as other ‘average’ bands. We had told ourselves before they played not to expect so much from them - when you’re expecting so much, things can’t always live up to that. However, we were totally wrong to say such things to ourselves because they outshone our expectations. They got everyone up and dancing, despite the fact that we had just had a huge meal, straight away! The set list seemed to us to be one of the most well thought out and best that we’d ever heard. The music span all the generations, making for the most filled dance floor i’ve ever seen at a wedding, even those songs that people didn’t know they still danced to. The disappointment on everyones faces when they said it was their last song resulted in them going out with an almighty bang! They aren’t just a band, but the entire entertainment package. Do yourselves a favour and don’t look any further - catch them while you can! I would recommend them to everyone and anyone. Thank you so much for making ours a night to remember. We hope to see you again soon. Hazel Street (Newquay)

Professional to the bone. Always there to answer questions prior to the actual date, and it was a life/stress saver! They even went the extra mile and suggested tips to make the afterparty even better, and they actually worked. After all the worrying and planning it was such an amazing experience to dance away the night with friends, family and loved ones to an amazing band. I must say my feet and legs were a little sore the next day, but it was all worth it and I’d do it all over again! Christina Culley (London)

“We had a few things mess up on the day before the actual reception - cars breaking down and getting lost, all fun and game. So as you can imagine, we were a little stressed when we arrived at the venue for what else could go wrong during the night. The Secret Spitfires arrived as a calm and collected band who seemed to know exactly what to say and what to do to cool us down. They put us at ease and made us aware that they were one aspect of the night that we did not need to be concerned about. Their set up was the fastest I have ever seen, especially since the venue was foreign to them. There was no issues arising during it and it was almost as though they weren’t even there! This proved to us just how truly professional and practised these guys were and put us even more at ease. Despite the obvious fact that they had done all of this before, the still gave off the brilliant impression of excitement and enthusiasm like a young teenage group performing their first gig. This enthusiasm then rubbed off onto all of our guests and resulted in the most brilliant atmosphere I have ever seen at a wedding reception. It felt like a proper party and any awkwardness between families etc vanished into thin air. Thank you for being our calm after the storm and for giving us a fabulous end to our day, we appreciate it so much! Lauren Wright (Nottingham)